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Upper Eye Lid Surgery

Who can have upper eye lid surgery?

Anybody that is unhappy with the appearance of their upper eye lids can have this surgery.

Saggy or droopy upper eye lids not only makes the person look older but may also affect the eye sight. During the operation excess skin & fat deposits are removed from the upper eye. The surgery duration is 45-70 minutes and can be performed under local anaesthetic.


What causes sagging of the upper eye lid?

Apart from genetic factors, irregular sleeping patterns and smoking are the main culprits.

Is upper eye lid surgery a permanent solution?

Yes the procedure gives permanent results.

Will there be scaring?

Very faint scars may remain but the surgeon will position the stitches in the natural crease of the eye making it almost invisible to anybody that doesn't know.

What to expect after surgery?

The patient can resume their normal life almost immediately after having upper eye lid surgery. Slight swelling & brusing may occur but will not affect daily business.