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Under Eye Light Filling

Who can have under-eye light filling?

Men and women suffering from under-eye bags, sagging and bruising problems.

Under-eye light filling is the filling procedure performed on the eye contour area. Collapsed under-eye region is the primary aesthetic problem for many women and men. The procedure offers a serious solution to the increasing under-eye problems caused by aging. With Under-Eye Light Filling, bruises that form in the eye contour area, tired appearance, and under-eye collapses caused by tiredness can be eliminated.

The face obtains younger-looking eyes and a younger appearance by means of such minor interventions. For under-eye light filling, especially fillers containing "Hyaluronic Acid" are used, which are considered to be safe and are most commonly used.


How long does the effect of under-eye light filling last?

The durability of the filler's effect varies from patient to patient because of the patient's skin type, and the filler's property of adherence to the skin. It can provide a durability ranging 5 to 6 months on average.

Points to take into consideration after the procedure?

The patient should be careful about protecting the application site for a period of 1 week.

  • Rubbing the eyes and massaging the eye contour area;
  • Doing exercise bending forward;
  • Sleeping in prone position; and
  • Contacting hot water or chemicals during the procedure should be avoided.