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Stem Cell

Who can have a Stem Cell procedure?

People aged 35-65 years, who see that their skin tissues have worn out due to aging and environmental factors, are eligible candidates for the Stem Cell therapy.

Collagen and elastin production begins to slow down, while the cells lose their vitality in skin tissue that has worn out due to aging. This wear occurs more especially in smokers. In recent years, this wear can be prevented and delayed with the techniques developed by the tissue and genetic engineering.
Stem Cell provides important benefits in this regard.

What is a stem cell?
The cells performing repairs and renewals in our bodies are called the stem cells. Stem cells are the main cells that all the tissues and organs in our bodies are originated from. Stem cells have very interesting characteristics. They can divide and renew themselves. They can turn into various organs and tissues, repair tissues or organs, and sustain the established system.

Science has known for centuries that some animals have a body that regenerates the missing limbs; and that the human body has also a repair system, even if cannot regenerates the missing parts. Based on this fact, scientists have developed the stem cell therapies by means of a brand new technology.

Where are the stem cells located?
The most valuable ones of adult stem cells are in the navel cord. Bone marrow is also one of the most known stem cell reserves. In addition, the fat tissue in our body has very rich stem cell content.

What is SVF?
The liquid derived from our fat tissues, rich in stem cells, is called SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction).
The studies conducted in recent years have showed that our fat tissue contains 500/1000 times higher amount of stem cells than bone marrow.

How is SVF obtained?
In many centers, stem cells are derived manually or by means of older technological equipment. This leads to the risk of contamination (containing contaminated foreign and unwanted substances on its surface) and results away from standardization. At the Shambala Clinic, this procedure is performed fully automatically with modern and state-of-the-art devices, in such a way as to ensure completely uncontaminated products free from human error.

How is stem cell treatment performed?
1 cup (50-200cc) of fat tissue is taken from the abdomen, waist and hip regions of the patient, with a simple and short-time procedure performed in the operating room of hospitals by Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialists. During this simple procedure performed under anesthesia, the patient feels no pain. For SVF production, the stem cells in the fat tissue obtained are dissolved through a special device. SVF is supported with special cures, and then is immediately given to the patient as cells in alive and fresh state.

What is the difference of the Stem Cell therapy from traditional stem cell therapies?
At Shambala Clinic, this procedure is performed under hospital environment through modern and state-of-the-art devices and with patient-specific cures. Its difference from other stem cell therapies is that, the specific cure accelerates the result of the procedure and prolongs its effect.

Stem Cell

How long does the effect of stem cell treatment last?

It is a therapy in the nature of investment, whereby the faces of patients, who have undergone Stem Cell operation, are supported to resist aging for a period of 2 to 5 years. These stem cells both rejuvenate the skin and slow down the prospective aging process.

What are experienced after Stem Cell procedure?

  • The Stem Cell procedure does not depend on the sun; therefore, it can be performed in every season.
  • It begins to show its effect 6 weeks after, and the process is completed within 2 to 6 months.
  • Its duration of effect varies depending on the patient's quality of life and metabolism. Its duration of effect ranges from 2 to 5 years.
  • This duration is affected by the patient’s smoking habit, exposure to stress, skin type and structure, age, dietary habit, genetic structure, water consumption, and the presence of external factors (UV rays).
  • The skin gets 5-10 years younger (varies from person to person).
  • The procedure can be repeated at the desired frequency, in accordance with the system's range of application.