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Nose Aesthetics

Who can have a rhinoplasty?

Anyone complaining of an unlikable appearance or breathing problem etc. can have rhinoplasty. The only criterion required is the completion of bone development. The average age is 17 in women, and at 18 and above in men.

Rhinoplasty is maybe one of the most complex areas of plastic surgery. It should be performed with operational strategies that vary from patient to patient, in such a way as to optimize the respiratory function. It involves techniques under different names such as open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty; however, these all serve the same purpose that constitutes the basis of the operation: a nose in harmony with the face.

The difference between breathing from the nose and breathing from the mouth is greater than thought. Because of the structure of the nose, the air taken through the nose is cleaned and warmed, which rests the right half of the heart. This provides an increased physical performance. Nasal breathing is also important for a good sleep. Improper breathing causes the person to feel less rested in comparison with the sleep duration. Therefore, rhinoplasty also involves certain procedures intended for correcting the structure called the septum in the middle of the nose, which causes stenosis; and for making suitable the air passage cavity in the nose that has a certain angle and narrowness.

Briefly, in an operation to be performed for the first time, the excess cartilage in the nose provides adequate amount of material for its correction. The final shape of the nose is determined based on the results of the dialogue between the patient and the doctor. Certain nose styles commonly applied in the past, which make the nose slightly concave that makes the surgery noticeable, have not been preferred in recent times. Today, natural looking nose styles are demanded and provided in such a way as to ensure that nobody can notice the surgery.

Although rhinoplasty seems to be a procedure commonly preferred by women, certain problems related to the nose, especially breathing problems, are more common in men. Correcting the noticeable details in a male nose, without changing the nose size too much, will protect the general masculine appearance and contribute to the person's facial appearance.


Are the results of rhinoplasty permanent?

Rhinoplasty has not a limited lifetime, i.e. its results are permanent. The permanent shape of the nose is the shape that appears about 6 months after surgery, when swells disappear completely.

What are experienced after the surgery?

  • Edema caused by the procedures performed during the operation, which extends towards around the nose and the eye contour area, regresses within about 2 weeks.
  • Sutures placed in the nasal tip are removed on the 5th day.
  • Silicone supports placed in the nose and on the nasal ridge are removed 1 week after surgery.
  • Postoperative period is as important as the surgery. In this period, the patient should protect his nose from trauma for at least 6 months.
  • Recommended creams and sprays may need to be used and massage may need to be applied during this period, for ensuring that the swelling disappears and the structures settle more quickly.