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Mechanical Peeling

Who can have Mechanical Peeling?

Those who have acne scar, surgical scar, wrinkle, skin spot or stretch mark problem.

The Mechanical Peeling (Dermabrasion) procedure is a skin grinding process intended for decreasing the rough appearance of the skin surface. The procedure peels the top superficial layer of the skin. After the peeling of the skin's top superficial layer, a smoother, tight and fresh skin layer appear in consequence of the wound healing.

What can be treated with Mechanical Peeling?
With the Mechanical Peeling procedure;

  • Acne scars
  • Skin spots
  • Stretch mark, and
  • Surgical scars can be treated,
  • Collagen tissue can be improved,
  • Wrinkles can be reduced, and
  • Skin tone and moisture balance can be restored.


What are experienced after mechanical peeling procedure?

  • The procedure has no side effects.
  • Redness may occur on the skin after the procedure but it will disappear within about thirty minutes.
  • After Mechanic Peeling, the skin should be protected from sunlight.