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Lip Enhancement

Who can have a lip enhancement procedure?

Those who have lost the elasticity and thickness of their skin due to the decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid under the skin as a result of advancing age; and those who want to have fuller and thicker lips.

Lip enhancement is a filling procedure preferred for increasing the volume of thin lips and for also accentuating them. It only accentuates the lip lines and enables them to look slightly curved, by contouring around the lips with fillers. It is a little bit more difficult to perform a filling procedure on thin lips. Extending the filling procedure over a period of time allows for obtaining a more healthy result, particularly for ensuring natural results in thin lips. Fine wrinkles around the lips that form in the course of time can also be eliminated with this procedure.


Points to take into consideration after application

  • Cold compress with ice should be applied after every 2-3 hours, to reduce bruising and edema.
  • Bruise creams that contain arnica or vitamin K can be used.
  • Kissing and odontotherapy should be avoided for 1 week.

How long does the effect of lip enhancement last?

  • The next day bruises and sometimes edemas that last a few days may appear.
  • Such symptoms reduce after 1 week.
  • Although a good fullness is provided for the first month after application, some of it is just an edema; therefore, the fullness decreases after a certain period of time.