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Hymen Repair

Who can have a hymen repair (reconstruction) surgery?

Anyone who wants can have a hymen repair surgery. Even women who have given birth can have a hymen repair surgery.

Such operations are also known as hymenoplasty. The hymen consists of a membrane-like tissue at the entrance of the vaginal cavity, and its repair is made with two procedures as temporarily and permanent repairs. In the first procedure, the region is narrowed with microsurgery sutures before (possible 2-3 days before) getting married. The second procedure is performed with the Flap technique that involves taking a graft of tissue from the vagina.

Microsurgery: Hymen repair is performed by recombining the parts of the broken hymen corpses with sutures. All patients may not be eligible candidate for hymen repair performed with this procedure. Microsurgery method is preferred in patients who have a thick hymen structure.

Flap technique: It is performed by forming a bridge, attaching a graft of tissue taken from the inside of the vagina to its other wall. This procedure can also be performed with the laser. Similarly, the double-layer technique intended for repairing the hymen with parts taken from the graft of tissue through laser beams guarantees the bleeding during sexual intercourse.


Will bleeding definitely occur after hymen repair operation?

Bleeding definitely occur after hymen repair operation. A hymen repair operation performed with double-layer flap technique definitely guarantees the bleeding during sexual intercourse.

What are experienced after hymen repair surgery?

  • The procedure is performed on a gynecology table, under sterile conditions.
  • The patient can return to her normal life1 hour after the procedure that takes about 30 minutes.
  • The patient should frequently change her underwear after surgery
  • She should avoid heavy sports activities and sudden leg movements.