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G Spot Enhancement

Who can have a G-spot enhancement procedure?

Women with orgasmic problems due to vaginal delivery, aging, and vaginal enlargement are ideal candidates for this procedure.

During sexual intercourse, the clitoris region is one of the most sensitive regions of women. As for the G-spot, it is the most sensitive region in the vagina. The G-spot is one of the least known sexual secrets of women. The G-spot, one of the most sensitive regions of a woman in terms of orgasm, is a region located about 3-4 cm inside the vagina, which is sometimes felt by hand with its spongy structure. It is 1-2 cm in diameter and feels harder than the other tissues around it.

The G-spot is available in a large majority of women, and its location may vary from person to person. Since the G-spot is less stimulated during sexual intercourse, the vaginal wall gets thicker with the effect of the estrogen hormone; and consequently, the region gets erased gradually. With the G-spot enhancement procedure, also known as the orgasm vaccine, the region is made fuller, more swollen, and more prominent. The G-spot enhancement procedure is performed under local anesthesia, by giving a dermal injection to the region.


Does the G-spot enhancement procedure produce permanent effects?

The effect of the G-spot enhancement procedure lasts about 6-12 months.

What are experienced after G-spot enhancement procedure?

  • The procedure takes 10 minutes, and does not require hospital stay.
  • The normal daily life can be resumed after the procedure.
  • It causes no limitation in the sexual life.