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Carbon Peeling

Who can have Carbon Peeling?

Anyone who complains of skin rejuvenation, pore sizes, skin dullness, skin spots, wrinkles and sags, and who want to rejuvenate his/her skin.

Carbon Peeling, Q-Switched Nd: It is a procedure performed by using YAG Laser. With the Carbon Peeling procedure performed for skin spot treatment, pores are reduced and a youthful appearance is obtained. Before the laser application, carbon solution is applied to the surface of the skin, with intent to increase the efficacy of the laser in terms of color tone. When the carbon cream kept on the skin for 15-20 minutes is absorbed by the pores, the color enhancement process can easily be carried out on the skin and inside the pores. With the advanced technology, Carbon Peeling has become a popular alternative for patients, who are afraid of treatment procedures such as dermabrasion.

Carbon Peeling can be performed in 10 sessions at one-week intervals, depending on the deformation of the skin. The Carbon Peeling procedure that shows its effect in a short time has no side effects.


What are experienced after the Carbon Peeling procedure?

  • Very rarely, a short-term edema may occur immediately after the procedure.
  • No obvious peeling of skin occurs after the procedure; however, a slight pinkness appear on the face. This condition regresses within a few hours.
  • The patient can return to her daily life after the procedure.
  • Hot bath should not be taken on the day of the procedure.
  • Sunscreen should be used.